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"Malacapa VI - Rio"

Competa - Torrox

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What do you expect when a property is called "... Rio"? Yes, you're right: A marvellous property right above the whispering creek (3/4 of a year with water), with rosa flowered Oleander and yellow Ginster in the riverbed in springtime and summer, evergreen during the whole year, with almond trees and vinyards around. On the property in front of the house and inbetween the house and the swimmingpool and around we conserved several old olive trees to give the shade to sit below it in the summer and to give the cosy feeling of beeing protected against looking in into your huge lounge and bedroom windows ('french doors'). Well, I mentioned the swimmingpool already - people are saying that you don't need it because of the river in front! - which has a nice niche for your unspoiled sunbath. There are quite a lot of potentials to enlarge the garden area as well as the house itself, if you like to do so.
The house: 90m2 high quality standards - you know this from our properties already - with doubleglazed aluminium windows and the wide opening french doors (sliding system) in our typical pinewood design, excellent insulations above the ground against humidity (horizontal damp proof course in the walls and a complete plastic layer below the total house) and in the roofs against the freshness in the wintertime and the warmth during the summer.
Do you like to hear the crackle of the flames coming out of dry fire logs? Just light your fire in that efficient metal wood burner stove centrally located in the lounge and if you love that sweet oily smell of olive wood, just leave the front glass door open. It's so cosy ...
Two bedrooms - nicely separated one to the left and one to the right - kitchen and a rustic bathroom (both with storage lofts above, hidden behind lovely tiny wooden windows with those typical andalusian inside shutters.

In Competa you are in five minutes, to Torrox and the coast may be fifteen.

149.000 Euro