Elke & Heiko Bida

About us and the Axarquia

    We - Elke & Heiko Bida - used to live quite a few time in North America, almost on the same latitude like Southern Spain, have felt the width of this country, the freedom, the warm and dry climate, have visited all those fascinating National Parks, ...
    Back in Germany very soon we often stood dreaming and a little bit sad looking at the window - mostly when the rain was passing by horizontally again - longing for escape of this wet climate, just to live in another part of this world with cosy warm and dry weather, where you don't have those problems with your bones, wrists and ankles.

    Who does not have those dreams sometimes in his life ?!?

    During our holidays we were always heading into sunny areas. We learned to love Spain, Andalucia, the Costa del Sol, especially the Axarquia with its unspoiled nature, the wild woods and mountains, the Sierras, sleepy lakes, roaring waterfalls, whirling creeks and in front of all that the Mediterranian Sea, partly with rough cliffs, at other places with lovely sandy beaches and bights ...
    We found all those lovely spots like in America, only just a little bit smaller, more modest, more contemplative, and sometimes much more charming ... All this did fascinate us more and more, nothing at all talking about the weather!