Elke & Heiko Bida

About us and the Axarquia

In wintertime our Sierras (up to 2.065 meters above sealevel) are covered with white 'powdersugar', but on the otherhand they are protecting us very well against the cold northern winds from the highlands of Central Spain; the sun is warming up the sheltered valleys so that we have normal daytime temperatures of 18º - 25º degrees.
From the south the influence of the nearby Africa is giving us the guarantee of a unique mild climate without any frost but with 340 sunny days per year. So here it never becomes sticky, neither humid nor extremely cold - everytime you'll feel well and this bodily feeling is making over to your mind, believe us!
... and in fact you need these few other days of bad wheather from time to time to consider this !!!
The higher up you come into the hilly or moutaineous region of the Axarquia you will notice the different shades of colors, the deep-purple Bogainvillea, the rosa Almond blossoms, the red and yellow Cactus figs, the violet flowers of the sweet-smelling Jasmin, ...
The "Axarqueños" here are still living in their pueblocommunity or outside in the campo - where everybody knows everybody - in small tiny cortijos (cottages), like white spots sprinkled into nature.
They are from unusual cordiality, friendly hosts, bodily bowed from the hard work in the campo but upright, proud and honest. Dark tenned faces are grining at you, but you will never find any hectic or morose words - the people here are still content with themselves and their life, which is running more peaceful, leisurely and in friendly terms ...